Brian’s across-Ireland cycle ride

Brian's across Ireland cycle ride

Our Trustee and Chair of our partner organisation, The Soko Fund, Brian Kerr, got a notion about cycling across Scotland and Ireland. He did the Irish bit in June. He cycled for 432 miles over 6 days/5 overnights.

“It wasn’t supposed to be so long, but I kept getting a bit lost! But in Ireland, especially in the North, Mayo and Leitrim, there are lots of flat quiet roads, so no hardship. Not the highlands of Scotland by any means!”

He found that pocket sized maps have their limitations if not backed up by clear signposting. Signs obscured by fast-growing green hedges didn’t help either.

It was part of a little personal plan to ride from St. Andrews on the East coast of Scotland to Dun Aonghasa, a prehistoric fort on Inis Mor, off the West coast of Ireland on the biggest Aran island. That was the Irish leg of what will be a East to West coast trip. The final leg will be the #Miles4Malawi on 10th September!

Brian says,

“Dun Aonghasa was fascinating- bronze age, mysterious and atmospheric. One thought- there must be similar sites of similar cultural and historical significance in Malawi – I know nothing of them- I need to learn. There was a lot of water about -in the bogs, in the lakes, the sky, on the road. Funny old world – we long for sunshine and dryness, and ignore the greenness. People in the sunshine of Malawi long for the rain and the green!”

Brian sent a photo and a mini report each evening. While riding round Loch Gill in the rain, his report was in the form of a poem –

‘I will arise and go now,
And go from Inisfree
Ready for my next big ride
Nine team members signed now
To be led by Moira D
So more Malawian girls will ‘fly!’

For we shall raise some cash then
With donations dropping slow
Dropping in the MY DONATE site
So there those girls can sing
Lake Malawi’s all a glimmer
Here noon’s a purple glow
And evening filled with the nightjars’ wings

With apologies to W.B.Yeats – tho he was a great internationalist,so am sure wouldn’t mind!’

The donation site he mentions is the fundraising page for the #Miles4Malawi team – all proceeds split between MMF and Soko.