What the Mamie Martin fund does…

The Mamie Martin Fund supports the secondary education of girls in schools run by the Synod of Livingstonia in Northern Malawi.

Fees raised by supporters of the Fund are used to provide school fees for girls who have gained a place at a Synod school, but who cannot afford the fees.

Annual Fees

Currently, the school fees for each girl cost approximately £300 each year. The fees primarily cover tuition, boarding and textbook fees, but also contribute towards some uniform, travel, medical and exam costs.

So Far…

In 2017/18, the Mamie Martin Fund has committed to supporting 83 girls:

  • 14 girls at Elangeni Secondary school
  • 34 girls at Karonga Girls Secondary School
  • 34 girls at Bandawe Girls Secondary School
      1. In addition to this number we are privileged to have been asked to manage the Alison Cameron Scholarships on behalf of the Scottish Government. These scholarships, named in honour of our Scottish Patron, will enable us to support a further 23 girls from 2017 for four years. As well as those 23 school scholarships, two young women will receive Alison Cameron Scholarships to study at university in Malawi for four years from 2017 through our partner, The Soko Fund.


Benadeta Elvas Singini

Benadeta was selected to attend Ekwendeni Girls Secondary but struggled with her school fees because her parents died when she was in standard 6.

The Mamie Martin Fund provided her school fees from 2004-7. In 2010 she was selected to go to college at TATCOT in Tanzania, and with the help of 500 Miles, finished her 3 year diploma with distinction in 2013. She is now working as an Orthopaedic Technician in Mzuzu Central Hospital and studying for her BSc. When she completes that in 2018 she will be a qualified Prosthetist and Orthotist.

Stella Dzimbiri

Stella is an orphan from Chilumba, Karonga where she grew up with her grandparents. She is a former MMF beneficiary from Karonga Girls Secondary School from 2007-10. She has now completed her BSc in Nursing & Midwifery at the University of Malawi, Kamuzu college of Nursing.

Shallom T.Chihana

Shallom is a Monitoring & Evaluation Officer at Find Your Feet, a food security Programme in Mzuzu. She studied at the University of Malawi, the Chancellor College and successfully finished her BSc in Social Sciences in 2014, owing it to the support the Mamie Martin Fund provided for her secondary education at Ekwendeni Girls. It is Shallom’s dream that one day she will support someone she doesn’t know who from the same institution.

“I thank Mamie Martin Fund so much because, by the time I was stranded, if couldn’t help me I don’t know where I could have been by now…”

– Benadeta Elvas Singini


The Mamie Martin Fund does not send material items from Scotland to Malawi. If a donation is made specifically for material items, these are sourced in Malawi so that the country received the economic benefit.

Although boys in Malawi also require support through their secondary education, the Mamie Martin Fund only supports girls.

The Mamie Martin Fund has, in the past, been able to support the building of hostels and teachers’ houses at the schools, however this was due to specific grants and donations made to the Fund. At the present time, the Board have decided to focus on the core purpose of the charity, which is to provide school fees for those girls in need.