Off the beaten track for MMF

Moira Dunworth and Elangeni girls

Moira Dunworth has been visiting schools with Mercy Sibande, our Malawi Manager. This has been a wonderful and humbling experience. The reality of managing our support in very rural areas can only be appreciated by going there. We support 22 girls at Elangeni Secondary School which is close to the border between the North and Central districts. Moira writes, “to get there we drove for over two hours from Mzuzu. Then we left the borrowed car in Nkhamenya, which is on that main road, and took a local taxi to the school. This is necessary because of the condition of the untarred road there. Local drivers are experienced in not destroying their cars on the uneven surface, on which I would not be prepared to drive without a 4×4 vehicle.”

Moira and Mercy were very impressed with this school and its management. The girls, as always, were delighted to see Mercy and her baby, Biswayo. They put on a performance of song, dance and drama at less than 24 hours notice. Their cheerfulness and optimism in the face of many hardships is humbling. The performances were all about giving thanks for their blessings and being appreciative of the MMF support which enables them to remain at that school. One girl is so poor that she wears borrowed shoes and they are plastic and torn. Their uniforms cost about £15.00 and that is a struggle for many of them. The list goes on. However our support makes a huge difference to them and to their families. We are grateful, as the girls are, for the donors who make this support possible.