Meeting supporters in Liverpool

Haymans Green Women's Club finds out about Mamie Martin

It is lovely to know that we have supporters far and wide. A women’s group from Liverpool heard of our work and invited us to speak to them. Moira Dunworth went there on 29th November and was astonished to find that this 50-year old group has an attendance of between 70 and 90 women every Tuesday evening. They were an interested audience and asked thoughtful questions about our work there and the employment prospects of our girls.

They were delighted to receive these personalised ebony keyrings from Malawi. Moira had asked in advance of her trip to Malawi if they would like any, thinking that she might be asked to get 4 or 5. She got a list of 37 initials, making a nice piece of work for one of the market stall holders in Lilongwe. The ladies were thrilled with them. It was a privilege to share our story with these women who have been meeting every week since they were young Mums in the 1960s. We are grateful for their interest and for their donation to our work.