Our January 2018 Strategy Meeting

Problem tree

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Mamie Martin Fund, and, to get off to a great start, the Board of Trustees had a morning to think about our strategy for the next few years. Ceris Jones from Scotland’s International Development Alliance (SIDA) came along to help us with this and introduced us to the Problem Tree process. This focused us on detailing what it is we do, why there is a need for what we do, and the effect of what we do. This helped us identify the problems that may prevent us delivering the much needed support for girls’ secondary education in North Malawi and also the other problems that the girls sometimes experience that interrupts their much loved education such as illness (malaria is a big problem) and period poverty. After this we were of course buzzing with ideas and thoughts on how to make our ‘Tree’ thicker and look forward to our next brain storming session.