Dr. Jack Thompson

Dr Jack Thompson

Dr Jack Thompson and his wife Phyllis lived and worked in Malawi over many years. Sadly, Jack passed away in August 2017 and was widely mourned in Scotland and Malawi. He was a founder member of the Scotland Malawi Partnership and greatly valued as a member of that Board until his death. He was laid to rest in his beloved Malawi, at the Njuyu mission cemetery in Ekwendeni.

Much has been written about Jack and his outstanding work in Malawi-Scotland relationships and understanding. This is our small contribution to honouring his memory. Jack was always a supporter of the Mamie Martin Fund and we appreciated his warm advice and help when preparing for Trustee trips to Malawi. We were honoured and moved that he named the Mamie Martin Fund as the charity that he wished to be supported by any donations at his funeral. That he felt so strongly about supporting girls’ education in Northern Malawi in the midst of such a difficult time for him and his family is humbling. Those donations, at the funeral and directly to us in his name, amounted to £950.00, enough to support three Malawian girls at school for a year. We are working hard to use that money wisely and accountably, which is no less than what Jack would have wanted. We send our grateful thanks and sincere condolences to his family.