New gift cards available

Mamie Martin Fund gift cards

We are delighted with our new gift cards, carefully printed by Prontaprint in Edinburgh. These cards represent specific needs that we have found among the girls we support in North Malawi. Many of them can’t afford a uniform, for example. You can now buy a girl a uniform for £16.00 and give that donation as a gift. In Malawi where almost no-one has all the material goods they need, this concept is hard to grasp but many of us would prefer this kind of gift than another ‘thing’, no matter how lovely. You can also donate to buy 10 notebooks and pens (£5.00) or reusable sanitary wear for two girls (£10.00). Here is the full list:

School Uniform for one girl £16.00

10 Notebooks and pens £5.00

Sanitary wear for two girls £10.00

School fees for a girl for a month £25.00

Just email or phone Hazel on 01259 742827 to ‘buy’ these cards.